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Futuristic Social Media Trends

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With every passing year social media changes are increasing, which include several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. Even in the upcoming years social media trends will continue to evolve and surprise. Changes in social media marketing landscape is unpredictable but there are trends to put forward for change analysing for example smash hits are converted into Instagram stories, along with Instagram Shopping allowing users to make more instant purchase.

A recent trend came up last year i.e. chatbots on social and they are incorporated or released with Facebook and Twitter Chatbots but previous years had been already packed with other social trends. Here are few upcoming trends of 2018 which will engage the customers and users more to social media.

  1. Engagement between Brands and Customers will increase

Nowadays connection between brands and customer has increased as compared to passing year and while sharing personal accomplishments they will definitely describe one or other brand. Different brands are suddenly realizing the impact of social media engagement and developing a long-lasting relationship instead of just treating social media as a site of advertising their products.

Keeping the followers happy i.e. providing a network where they can reach their liked websites. It’s an golden opportunity for different business owners to develop the relationship with their customer thus increasing their reach.

  1. Development of Customizable Chatbots

Responding to incoming social messages by brands is necessary but what if there are hundreds or thousands of similar queries to answer. So, the answer is chatbots. There’s an increase in chatbots comparing to previous year spikes. For gathering information facebook messenger alone have 100,000 chatbots for providing guidance and take actual orders. In fact, it has show increasing organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times. Development of few more customizable chatbots on many new and advancing social media management sites like twitter etc.

  1. Relying on new Social Listening Tools

There are new introductions of themes with the increasing social media trends in 2018 and thus introducing the relying of more on social listening tools. It is the practice of tracking customers’ conversation revolving around specific phrases, brands or words. Then those words and phrases are leveraged in order to find new opportunities to create content specifically for those audiences only.

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Unloading Facts To Remember For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing being misunderstood with buzzword rather another phrase which is overused, often incorrectly used and uttered only to make the speaker sound smarter. Description of digital marketing is very simple though it is a broad term where marketing of products or services via all types digital technologies. These technologies are concerned mostly to the internet but it also includes other mediums for example mobile phones.

The only constant change

Digital marketing changes and developed continually and the way how businesses make use of it directly affects their branding and customer engagement. With the development of changing technology, business and marketing managers have to keep up with it and the aim is to work all those in favour of creating a technological developments for the users and clients.

Arch enemy or best friend, Google digital marketer

All those business who embrace digital marketing towards their way of gaining exposure then Google should be better placed as friend not enemy. Consumers are swayed by easy-to-navigate website as they generate and bring forth the answers all of their questions and that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Customers are mostly operating off through mobile devices than desktop or PCs that require responsive development of the website.

Earlier it was not difficult to design a beautiful website with some easy reading copy and at present if a website cannot be found on search engines then it is wholly wrong. So, there are businesses who are finding way to rank first on the Google page. Write any word and the website that displays at first must be playing hard techniques. Over the years, SEO has been through many changes and with quick alteration they can recognize cheat activities going on.

At initial level business should try to understand the digital marketing with what Google needs and asks in order to rank the site at top. New implements are introduced regularly by Goggle that what should be on regular check by the marketers to make a perfect and without any error website.

Digital marketing uses SEO along with Search Engine Marketing that includes paid advertising boosting websites and then focusing on content marketing and much other automation like marketing influencer, marketing campaign, showing presence of social media and optimisation with marketing of e-commerce. Thus, a marketing plan is very important for any business for their online presence.

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Content Marketing Generates Sales

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For lead generation demand for content is huge by the users and they are of high value in the world of modern SEO. If the company fulfils that requirement for users then only a trust can be developed with whatever social media marketing a company s throwing their way. Content is always a king for any business model no matter what a company business is of concern, thus content marketing must be of primary goal.

Studies conducted by researchers few years ago, revealed that many B2B marketers have kept a data of plans describing about plans to increase their lead budget generation budgets by up to 50% coming year. The investment amount will rise, overall. Leads that are generated through various social media marketing channels is mostly through blogging which is the primary avenue rather than native advertising for B2C and B2B marketers.

Statistics shows that blogging constantly leads to more and more B2B marketers compared to those who are not continuously working on it. Different leads are generated with the publishing of different kind of content on the website. This kind of regular work will lead to more visitors and impressive media marketing conversion with the clients.

Focusing on the type of content will bring potential clients like hundreds. What to write and how to create content will help in developing for generations. Promotions on the social media channel will become a lot easier with the right type of content.

Few steps that will help in generating inbound leads with your content.

  • The first and foremost step is to do extensive market research that require understanding the content with research and smart-decision are completely based on in-depth market analysis.
  • Second step is to create high-converting landing pages i.e. understanding the anatomy of a perfect landing pages with compelling headline and strong and captivating opening in order to building an interest among the readers.
  • Creation of lead bait without any doubt email trumps social media marketing when related to customer retention. It has become one of the formidable strategies of generating lead.
  • Fourth step is content creation and the performance is best displayed when they are built on a solid foundation of high-quality and data driven content.

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Role of Graphics and Visuals in Web Designing

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Website should be appealing; this is the most probable statement that every website owner would say to the designer. And the designer does this all by including proper graphics and visuals. But, with the changing trends everybody needs to remain updated with practices followed day to day. This involves selecting proper images which go best with the design of the website. Integrating images on website can be done in a number of ways and this solely depends on what impact it leaves on the user, as user experience is the sole target. Read on to know in detail about the role of graphics and visuals in web designing.


Use of Single Color
Most of the designers today focus on using single color instead of using their combination. A number of times black and white are used to give a smooth and clean look. Balanced aesthetics helps in gaining the attention of the client.

Info graphics
Long paragraphs of content on the website can make your visitors bore. Try to incorporate visuals that can explain the motto behind. Portray stories or use power of visualization with textural content, that can keep your visitors busy and they will love to know what will be next.

Show your Customers the reality
Don’t insert fake images in your website as this can distract interest of your customers; instead try to incorporate something meaningful that can connect them to the real world. Images that are analogous to the real life conditions create a sense of familiarity and this in turn helps in building good long lasting relationship too.

Quantitative Data
Whenever you want to disclose figures always show them in the form of numeric charts that can help the reader in understanding. Diagrams can explain the concepts more logically. Financial, scientific or any type of data can be best expressed in this form.

Top of the website
Mostly the space on the top of the website which is called hero space has large portion blank and it is noticed immediately as soon as the website is loaded. Content density is usually lower in these areas so anything put will be visualized very well. So a proper strategy should be followed which includes putting sliders etc.

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Cost effective SEO Services that can increase website traffic

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services play a great role in internet marketing. A number of SEO services companies are providing these services to foreign clients. These services range in numbers and sometimes they are not affordable for small business or those who are just at a start up. These services help in connecting business firms with their clients. To get the details of different products and services, internet users rely on search engines. So it is very important that website of any business should be search engine friendly. So here are a few services that can be really effective.


SEO professionals know the tactics of making a search engine friendly websites. They make these portals more attractive, professional that is perfect from business point of view.  They work according to search engine prescribed algorithms and standards so that the results obtained are reliable. They also ensure that your website is ranked at the top among the different search engines. This helps in accumulating more traffic on the website that ultimately helps in lead generation.

So to receive constant traffic on your website you can look for these seo services like first website designing with proper planning, keyword research, unique and catchy content on the website which can be through writing articles or by blog posting, reciprocal link building, and optimization of HTML coding, meat tag optimization, directory submission, ranking report maintenance, etc. All these can be easily done if the person is skilled enough and understands the tactics behind. If these terms are followed properly then business owners can get good results in less time.

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List of Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

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Website’s most important or valuable page is the homepage. I am sure a layman also understands this very well. And this is the reason that most of the IT professionals whether designers or developers, leave no stone un-turned in making this page appealing and useful from every point of view. Homepage gives the peek inside of your business, so it very important that it should be intriguing. So it very important that all of us should know about those critical elements that homepage of every website must have.


Heading or title
The headline of the page should be catchy and short. It should clearly reflect that what website is all about. Simple and clear lines can covey the messages easily and besides this people can understand it.

Sub-headline on the home page should tell in brief about the services you offer. You should be very careful with the language and show value. Try to give the user those things which he or she is looking for.

Calls-to-action can be very effective in controlling visitor’s actions. Commonly used buttons are Click here or learn more, these compel visitors to complete the action. These can be primary as well as secondary. They help in accomplishing the goal of turning user to clients.

Visual Hierarchy
Without creating any clutter or confusion, everything is made visible using contrast shape, color and size. So that user goes through every part of the website. Setting the visual hierarchy on homepage is very important.

Try to incorporate testimonials from the clients, they should not be fake. As this can help in building trust among the visitors. Customer proof is the best way to inbuilt the relationship which you are looking for. Video testimonials can be better idea.

Navigation should be kept simple so that visitors get a clear path from homepage into your website.

Unique and catchy content can do wonders for you. So if you are interested in generating more leads include great content. Don’t copy it from other websites.

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All about Hash tags

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Hashtags on Facebook are becoming common day by day! This feature is recently added in the Facebook platform and people are using it for their business and marketing. But, before going through the other details, let’s check out first that what are hastags? A keyword or phrase that is followed by the hash symbol (#) is hash tag. It’s a label of content that people use for tracking topics on social media platforms. Basically it’s a way of connecting people who find interests in the similar topic, it is not at all necessary that people who look to these posts are your followers or fans.


How to create hashtag

Creating hashtags is very simple, you get to know a few technical things like hashtag is always a single word (it can be a combination of letters, numbers or phrases). No space is allowed between these letters or words, they need to run together. Another important thing is that hashtag will always start with symbol hash, which is called a number sign or pound sign in some countries. You can add your hashtag anywhere in the massage at end or in the middle where it is readable. You might have heard about hashtag directories, but they are unofficial.

Hashtags should be short which can be easily remembered and understood. Pronunciation of long hashtags is difficult and they can’t be remembered too! You can use the already created hashtags too, but try to create unique hashtags.

Powerful Hashtags for Social Media Plattforms

Content hashtags, Trending hashtags and Brand Specific hashtags are the different types of hashtags that one can use on social media platforms. These can help you in promoting your online business through twitter and face book.

Hashtag Tips

  • Hastags as clickable links, which is a new hashtag feature try to use it.
  • On Facebook every hashtag has its own url, which can help you in connecting with people. Try to drive them there to start conversation.
  • Try to post hashtags on every device whether you are using a mobile too
  • While making hastags keep in mind the target market.
  • first letter of the hashtag should be always capital, so that readers can easily catch it
  • Don’t put too many hashtags.

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Web Design: Deadly Misconceptions that Every Client should Know

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Website designing seems very easy to some people, but some find it very difficult. Clients make a number of misconceptions regarding website design. Here we have discussed a few things that can help in understanding different aspects related to web design. Read on to know in detail.


1. Everyone Can do it
In the world of internet everything seems easy and every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks that he can also design website. But, it is not at all like that. Everyone is not a designer and understanding what will really look beautiful is not at all easy. Tutorials of PhotoShop and knowledge of HTML and CSS is not only enough to make you a designer, you should have the creativity to turn things amazing.

2. New Website will attract new customers
Most of the clients think that by designing a new website they can attract new customers. But, this is totally a wrong conception, as a new website is for the beginners. How can your potential customers know about you, if you launch a new shiny website. They can’t find it on their own; they need an access to it. To approach a wider audience you can choose social media platform.

3. Design should be browser compatible
Website designed should be always compatible on all the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. It should look identical on all the browsers. So developers should properly work on coding.

4. Content
Most of the clients believe that to make their website better they should include a lot of content. But, unfortunately unnecessary content can overwhelm and distract your readers too. Quality content adds a value to the website, but to some extent, so stop putting excess content.

5. Empty space
Empty space available on the website should not be always crammed with content and images. Visual breaks look good on any website. Well planned white space is not a waste space; it is a design element and looks good.

6. Flash intro
Adobe Flash is mostly used by designers for animating banners and buttons during designing a website. But now designers are moving away from it, as it is not at all mobile friendly.

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Social Media for Business – List of Benefits that Every Skeptic Should Know

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Social media is a wonderful tool for growing business and people are using it to considerable extent. As approaching thousands of followers in few seconds, becomes very easy through this platform.  Sharing content and other updates are the benefits of social media which all types of businesses enjoy.  For success and growth small businesses all over the world try to discover the ways social media can help them more. On the other hand there are skeptics who still don’t see or understand the benefits of social media for their business.  Read on to know in details about the benefits of social media this can turn skeptics into believers.  Check them in the list.

Social Media for Business

1.  Know about your audience through Social media
Understanding your audience is the key to success for any type of business in the industry. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish than ever. There are a number of tools that can help in gathering the details like the age and gender, etc. This information in turn can help in organizing campaigns that can offer you a better investment return.

2. Targeting Audience in a effective way
Geo-targeting is an effective tool which can help you in targeting the specific group of people. This can be according to their age, gender, language, location, education, etc.

3. Social Media helps in finding new Customers
Twitter is a wonderful platform for this; it connects you with number of peoples to once. Here you can share each and every update.  Celebrities and other well known peoples stay connected with their fans with this.

4. Social Media gives you instant feedback from Customers
Whether it’s a positive or negative feedback from your client, social media instantly gives you an access to check that.  You get an insight of the customer perspective.

5. Beat your Competitors with Social Media
Website traffic and search ranking can be increased with the help of social media. This can help you in beating the competitors and generating leads.