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Motion Design is Future of UI

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One of the necessary components of a website or an app is a good design. It is really crucial as it is helpful in designing a good user interface and that’s why it provides a better user experience. It enables us to increase our reach to more numbers of users so that they could navigate easily on our app or website.

A good app or website consists of multiple elements such as colors, fonts, space and icons. Earlier, the static design was used but nowadays, the trend of motion design is quite popular as they can help in bringing the digital products to life.

In addition to these, this design can also implement into them. If they have used correctly, it could be more powerful in comparison to the other elements. It can also enable the user for understanding the solution by showing them the happening after a certain action as well as guide them also into the action’s destination.

Through these motion designs, different relationship between the element can be highlighted and hide the background action. We can also use this between the screens thereby we could inform them that they are leaving the old user interface as well as progressing to the new interface.

Through the proper implementation of the motion, it can also be used for telling our story in the simple and easy way. These different transitions can amaze the users as well as lift them excited. It is very helpful in complimenting our design as well as brand identity.

Through this, we can enhance user interaction as it adds an extra dimension of time into our designs and helpful in bridging the gap between human and software. It can enhance the usability. These designs can incorporate a number of elements into it. These are shapes, text, lines, illustrations, and photography as well as 3D objects, video and many more.

All of these kinds of elements can be animated in motion UI design for these reasons:
• System status in order to load indicators and notification.
• Navigations and transmitters can be used for the hierarchy and connection between the elements, function change as well as other such effects.
• Visual feedback for acknowledgment as well as results of the actions.

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Difference between UI and UX

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In such an aggressive world (there is a ferocious competition in each area), one thing that can separate you from the opposition is the manner by which you influence your clients to feel about your image, application, site or anything by any stretch of the imagination. Client experience and client interface have turned out to be important to the point that an item’s prosperity or disappointment is reliant on these two elements.

Since clients have such a large number of choices thus less time, it is basic for organizations to get the User interface outline (UI) and client encounter right the first run through. This is one reason organizations are putting more accentuation on the vibe and the ease of use (simplicity of utilizing) of the item. Your item, application or site could be the best as far as the highlights it has yet in the event that it doesn’t have the correct feel to it, it will confront a part of difficulties in being effective. The understanding is very necessary with the change from traditional acceptance to digital innovation.

UI Design (UI)

UI configuration is about the item’s realistic and visual introduction. It is a procedure that can be depicted as helping the client through the interface. UI configuration essentially chooses that it is so natural to utilize the item, particularly for any advanced interface. The contrast between website specialist and UI architect is lessening, website specialists are UI planners who can code. Clients are requesting for intuitive interfaces and as said before, the accomplishment of any item is needy vigorously on UI outline. UI configuration is about the look and feel of the item.

Client Experience Design (UX)

In spite of the fact that UI design and User experience (UX) plan are firmly related, UX configuration is more about the examination on would could it be that clients are searching for in an item, what is being offered by the contenders and what can be enhanced regarding the general understanding of the item. UX configuration does not really expect one to be a coder. Be that as it may, a UX originator is associated with each period of item improvement lifecycle or programming advancement lifecycle, testing the item at each stage.

In view of the tremendous request of UX and UI architect, this field has risen as a field with massive openings and anybody inspired by this innovative field can figure out how to be a great UI/UX creator/designer.

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Digital Video Editing

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With the home computer becoming more powerful and the fall in prices of digital video cameras, amateur digital video editing is becoming more and more attainable to the average person. Online series such as Pure Pwnage and Red vs. Blue are examples of these.

Hard Discussion of Hardware
• The good
• The bad
• The ugly

What everyone loves
Apple Final Cut Pro $1000
• The good: it is extremely broad and deep feature set as it has fully customizable industry-standard interface, strong real-time capabilities and excellent value.
• The bad: it is tough learning curve for beginners and casual users, as it requires a powerful Mac system. It has no multicamera support.
• The bottom line: If you are ready for advanced video editing and you have a Mac G4 or better, look no further.

What I Love

Ulead Media Studio Pro $250
• The good: it is power-packed application suite as it has advanced features and deep options. It has fast tape scan to DV-clip index and real-time preview.
• The bad: it is busy and inconsistent interface and has complex settings for even simple tasks.
• The bottom line: This is a great tool for experimentalists who want to tweak under the hood for more power and better performance.

What is In the future?

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
• Apparently the best for pc video editing.
• It is soon closing in on the competition from Apple and Avid.

Miniatures and other applications:

A commonly used technique used with the blue screen effect is to build a miniature and film it on a blue screen. Using this you can create castles and spaceships from household items. With 3D modeling, the techniques are similar to those used with miniatures.

The future and Machinima

• Creating movies with video games.
• With a screen capture and some editing software people are creating entertaining and popular video series available free from the net.
• Movie contests held by Blizzard using Wow

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Start Using Web Notification Today

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Web push notifications are those clickable messages which appear on the desktop of a computer. On our smart phones, we often receive a push notification which can be an incoming text or reminder to return to the app etc. so the concept of push notification is nothing new.

Mobile apps notification turned to be a highly efficient means of user re-engagement and this idea has been also implemented for websites and it is becoming a new web development trend.

Through this, the user visits a website and he is offered to enable a push notification. Then he will be notified of any kinds of changes on the websites even after he has closed the website. The major benefit of having this technology is that we can keep the user engaged without any big efforts.

Reach to maximum visitors: One of the main reasons to have web notifications unlike other website communication tools is that these can reach to our audiences even when they are not actively using our website as well as bring them back to our site. If someone is online, then through web notifications, we can reach to them which are a big advantage no other website communication tool offers.

Grab attention of more visitors: Through the web notification, we would be able to get the attention of more casual browsers as they will not have to go all in and give us their email address.

Creation of web notifications is quicker: like all other push notification, these web push notifications are short and sweet as well as quick and easy to send whereas good emails require time as well as crafting of high quality subject lines. With the help of web notifications, we can get information in front of our web visitors fast.

No e-mail address is required: For the purpose of communicating with our audience through browser notifications, we do not need to collect an e-mail address. This is the huge opportunity for creating an ongoing communication channel with anonymous visitors.

Protection of website’s investments: If we have invested in a website, our focus will be attracting more customers on the page. web notifications give us another chance to establish the ongoing connection with the customer or potential customer.

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Single Page Websites Are Good for SEO

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Today in the web development, the trend of single page websites is increasing rapidly. Numerous companies are choosing them instead of multi pages sites in order to fulfill the requirement of their businesses. But here, one question arises that does the design of the website really impact the SEO? Or they could affect the chances of ranking with the Google.

Read on some pros and cons of single pages websites and its impact on SEO:


Better mobile experience: As we all know that today a number of people are using mobiles in terms of searching anything such as web searches which is one of the benefits to have a single page website. They can typically convert much easier to the mobiles as well as users in finding them simple to navigate.

Easy to target particular audience: They are great tool for those who are looking to target a specific website audience as well as these websites can provide them a definite type of user experience. The task of controlling their behavior on our site is easier and we could steer them in particular direction.

Higher page authority: Links one of the important factors which are able to determine the ranking of the website as well as benefit for single page website is that every link acquired will point to the main URL.


No wide keyword targeting: This is one of the drawbacks of having a single page website as they are generally supposed to be designed around the one main concept that limits our ability to rank for a wide variety of keywords. The multi page websites have a benefit that every page on their website is a new opportunity to position for targeting an audience specific to page theme.

Lack of details: Another drawback of single page websites is that the content which is published on them is generally not as particular as published on multi pages websites. We do not have the opportunity to devote a separate page for each topic which we want to cover rather than all the information needs to be presented on one page.

No advanced SEO strategies: There are few SEO strategies along with best practices which simply will not work on the single page site in which one is known as “siloing”. It is the practice of structuring our website into main areas of interest in order to demonstrate authority in these areas.

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Static v/s Dynamic Website Design

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Websites are the collection of web pages which can contain texts, images as well as audio and videos. The first page of websites is known as home page and each website has some specific internet address (URL) which we need to enter in our browser in order to access a website.

Website is hosted on one or more servers through which they can be accessed by visiting its homepages by using a computer network. Websites are managed by their owners which can be individual or any company or organization.

A website has two types:
• Static website
• Dynamic website

Static websites: They are the basic type of the websites which are easy to create and we do not need the knowledge of web programming as well as databases designs for the purpose of creating a static website. Their web pages are coded in HTML. These codes are fixed for each of the pages so that the information which contained in a page does not change as well as it looks like a printed page.

Dynamic websites: These kinds of websites are the collection of the dynamic web pages whose content can be changed dynamically. Content can be accessed from the databases or Content management system. That’s why the content of the website is also altered and updated when we alter or update the content of the database.

These websites use client side scripting or server side scripting or both in order to generate dynamic content. Clint side scripting is able to generate content at the client computer on the basis of the user input. The web browser downloads the web pages from the server and after that it processes the code within the page in order to render the information to the user.

We can understand the difference between the static website and dynamic website through these points:

• In Static website, prebuilt content is same every time when the page is loaded. But in Dynamic websites, content is generated immediately and changes regularly.
Static website uses the HTML code for developing the website and Dynamic website uses the server side languages such as JSP, ASP and NET etc. for developing a website.
Static websites can send exactly the same response for every request but Dynamic website can generate various HTML for each of the request.
• In static website, content is changed after publishing and updating the file but in Dynamic websites, the page contains server side code which allows the server for generating unique content.

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Providing Best Online Customer Support is Essential

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If we want to engage the prospective customers, then we would need efficient and effective online customer support. Customers only become loyal to a particular brand if they could meet their needs constantly as well as they are guided in the right direction. In addition to this, they perceive a good client to a brand relationship.

By implementing the efficient online customer support, we can impact the overall success of our business.

Read on few tips through which we can make efficient online customer support:

Consider the consistent support: At the time of introducing another support channel, we must ensure that our brand will have a consistent voice on every platform. As a company, we must ensure that our support team will give the same answers and advice on every platform.

Our support team should have the knowledge about the products and services and they should be taught the ways of diagnosing and solving the problems with ease.

Time factor is important: One of the most important features of online customer support is that support team must be capable in giving the instant access to the customers. We should always ensure that we are having someone who is informative as well as helpful on duty. The goal of the live chat as a part of the customer support initiative is to allow the customer to have direct contact with the support team.

Security is on top: We must explain to our clients that live chat option is not a platform where the security sensitive information could be shared. Customers should be given a chance to share this information through telephone or a secured web form. We should alert them that they do not share the personal information or any kinds of account details or card numbers.

Do not push the conversation: If we are using a call-to-action button in order to start a chat, then our client must be aware of the offered assistance. It is helpful for the users in order to alert them that we are available and ready to assist or they need any help. But if we push the conversation, it could scare the potential customers.

Avoid technical terms: At the time of communicating with the customers, they should not trust on the jargons or technical terms. We must educate our clients the way of communicating clearly with easy to understand phrases. Large chunk of the information should be broke into the smaller sections.

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Native Apps v/s Web Apps

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If we explain our clients about the significant differences between the Native Apps and Web Apps, it will be really helpful for them to know what they need in fact in terms of saving time and money.

Native Mobile Apps: These apps are developed particularly for a special mobile device as well as are installed directly onto the device itself. Users can download the app through app stores like Apple App store, Google Play store etc.

They are built for specific mobile operating system like Apple IOS or Android IOS. App which is made for the Apple IOS will not be able to work on Android IOS and vice-versa.


• Native mobile apps can also be used offline due to which they are faster to open as well can be access anytime.
• They give the opportunity to the user for using the device-specific hand gestures.
• They are good at performance as they can store information locally and can synchronise with the server after the user is done by using the app.


• Native mobile apps are more expensive in order to develop especially when it needs to be compatible along with multiple operating systems and that’s why it can multiply the development cost.
• App maintenance cost is higher.
• Use of this app is contingent on the desire of the user in order to download and install the app onto their mobile device.

Mobile Web Apps: These apps are basically internet enabled applications which are accessible through the web browser of the mobile device. There is no necessity to download and install the app onto mobile for accessing it.
These apps are written as web pages in HTML and CSS along with the interactive parts in JavaScript or similar languages, which mean that single web app, can also be used on most of the devices which are capable of surfing the web.


• They are immediately accessible by the users through a browser across a range of devices such as Android, I phone etc.
• These apps are much easier in order to update or maintain by the developer.
• They are also easier for users in order to discover the pages which can be displayed in search results.


• They have limited scope in terms of accessing a mobile device’s features is concerned.
• Web apps are unavailable when offline.

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Steps to Register a Successful Domain Name

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If we are establishing our online presence and reaching to the visitors, then the task of registering the domain name is the key step towards this. Domain names are those web addresses that tell the visitors location to find our online business. Most of the people do not know that domain names are also one of the most powerful tools in order to build the successful online business.

Read below to get on the way to a successful website:

What is our preferred route? As we all know that our website will be made along with a series of files, so there is a necessity of place in order to store those files. It can be done with our own computer without any hosting service or we can stir them another company’s servers along with a hosting service.

Decide a hosting service: We should choose a service for the purpose of hosting our websites or go with the services which we already have. We should always consider a reputable one which also includes or These hosting services work with the ICANN database which is an in charge of the keeping track of all domain names.

Use of availability checker: There is a necessity to use an availability checker for our website where we can type in the domain name we want as well as they can tell us if it is available or suggest the alternatives if it isn’t.

Selection of other services: After finding an available domain name, we should select it and follow the instructions for that particular service. By doing this, we will have the opportunity to add on other services which host also provides. We should choose the best one.

Fill the forms: After that, it will ask for a bunch of information from us. It is important to register with the WHOIS database where we are required to list their information as this information can be made public or we can choose to keep in private.

Pay them: As we all know that websites are not free. So we have to enter payment information as well as make it sure it is correct. This is a good idea in order to choose a reputable site as they will have our payment information.

Use of tools: After registration with them, we can start using tools in order to upload stuff to our site.

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Customer Tracking Technology

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Online stores are getting increasingly ubiquity among clients, and their security is a major purpose for it. This has given a vibe of uncertainty to the physical stores as they are losing the hold. Presently, to coordinate with the pace of online stores, certifiable stores too have connected another procedure to enhance their security. Furthermore, this is finished with the joint effort with the client’s PDA.

A large portion of the stores out there utilize camcorders to record the exercises of the clients, however, it is without a doubt an obsolete procedure. Proceeding, the stores began following the clients with their mobile phone organize, and when the client ranges to the store’s WiFi framework. Nearby, the stores likewise monitor returning guests by their cell phones.

The innovation has an incredible significance from a stock perspective. They would now be able to distinguish the client’s advantage, the time they spent in the store or the divisions they more inclined to visit. Then again, the client’s excessively are getting handier with it, as the stores have begun distinguishing them and their advantage and began serving appropriately.

While obtaining on the web, we see commonly that the clients get a brisk reaction for their coveted things, in the event that they are general clients of the store. The new innovation will help store proprietors to win the trust of the clients, or even by offering them a couple of different things by recognizing their advantage. There are a few worries from the client’s side, however, the innovation is in its beginning stage and it will get client’s trust without a doubt.