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Follow these ways to avoid duplicate content

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Indexing and Crawling is the first step for any site beginning even before thinking about getting the best rank. The best chance of getting your pages indexed in search results are as follows. Crawling and indexing issues in search engines are mostly with E-commerce site as they are much complex and notorious than any other type of sites for developing URL structures. In order to avoid duplicate content and crawling budget complications, it should be controlled.

For sites’ indexation optimization these tips may help you:-

Know what’s in Google’s index

First and foremost step is to check how many of your pages Google reports as indexed and this is possible by using this “”, search on Google and check and get the results of your sites across the web. It is the easiest way to identify whether or not something is seriously off with your site’s indexing. All those platforms like content-management system, e-commerce, and sitemap and server files number must match perfectly or at least with any disparity addressed and explained. Those numbers are later reflected in Google site operator search. Smart working on-site SEO helps a site to avoid duplicate content and structural problems that can create indexing issues.

Optimize Sitemaps

These three elements sitemaps, robot.txt and navigation links are fundamentals to strong indexation and have been covered in depth and mentioning them will be appropriate. Sitemap is much more important than internal links. Even search results for “head” keywords can include pages with no inbound links and also no internal links.
Through sitemap only Google is able to know about these pages. Other two fundamentals are equally important and it’s important to make sure that robots.txt is functional; this isn’t blocking Google from any parts of your site you want to be too indexed. Absence of it may bring your site down and it can cause Google to stop indexing their site altogether. Lastly, an intuitive and logical navigational link structure is a must for good indexation. At least one link on your site should br reachable and good UX practices are essential.

Handle URL Parameters

For the infinite space URL parameters are very common cause and duplicate content, which severely limits crawl budget and can dilute signals. They are variables added to your website URL structure that carry server instructions used to do things like:

1. Sort Items
2. Store user session information
3. Filter items
4. Customize Page Appearance
5. Return in-site results
6. Track ad campaign or signal information to Google Analytics

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Tips to Improve Off-Page SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most significant and used techniques in order to improve the traffic to the website by getting high rank placements in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO has two techniques for improving the website position in SERPs which are: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO: It is very helpful in making our websites popular on the internet so that we can get more visibility. With these SEO techniques, we can improve our website in SERP.

Here are some SEO techniques which are very helpful in Off Page SEO:

Sharable Content: Amazing content is always the king in SEO. If we are creating amazing and sharable content, it will be the smart way for generating more and more natural back links to our website of blog.

Social Media Engagement: This is a major Off Page SEO technique and if we want to make our business as well as blogs and website popular, we should engage with the people on multiple social media platforms. It will help us in growing our business.

Video Submission: It will help us in making our videos popular through different popular video submission sites. Go for the proper title, tags and reference links in order to get quality back links as all video submission sites have high PR.

Image Submission: We can share our photos on the popular image submission websites. We should just optimize them with the correct URL and title tag and also check if they have proper title, description and tags.

Info graphic Submission: We can create info graphics as they are being popular on the internet these days. We can submit our info graphics on these sites and give reference links to our webpage and blog.

Document Sharing: We can create attractive documents related to our business or blogs. They should possess unique and should be in form of pdf or ppt formats. We can submit these on different sites.

Social Bookmarking sites: They are one of the platforms in order to promote our websites. When we bookmark our web page or blog post on popular bookmarking sites, we can gain high traffic to our websites.

Forum Submission: We should participate in the search forums which are related to the website and business and also can make a connection with that community.

Article submission: We should submit our articles in the high PR article submission directory. We can also give links to our sites. Content should be unique and of high quality.

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How should be Modern Marketers?

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As soon as the field of SEO is evolving, the necessity is also increasing for the marketing teams to use left and right brained skill sets. They need creativity and imagination so that they could create great content that would inspire social shares and contributes in high ranking searching.

They should be expert in the art of performance tracking and analytics. The tactics of the modern marketers includes influence and storytelling through the structures and analytics. This kind of balance is necessary in order to succeed in the SEO landscape.

SEO is important both in terms of technical and creative. Along with optimization of their technology, they also need to ensure that our content is compelling as well as interesting and unique with human interests.

User experience is the bridge that connects all of these components as we know that audiences are becoming different and so are their tactics and strategies used to reach them. So it is obvious that there are some sorts of skills that are being required by today’s modern marketers and professionals as well.

There are mainly two types of skills which are required by the marketing professionals:
• Hard Skills
• Soft Skills

Hard Skills: It mainly includes

  • Analytics: Through the analytics, he would be able to interpret audience, behavior as well as can assess campaign performance and measure ROI.
  • Content Strategy: It is helpful in defining our content goals and its uses in SEO, link building and amplification the best practices.
  • Social Media: If he is expert in the social media marketing, it will help to company in making the smart decisions with their time and money on social.
  • Mobile: Today very person use mobile so he should be expert in mobile marketing and also deliver successful social campaigns on mobile.
  • E-Commerce: Through this, he can use insights about customers, campaigns, social and mobile for helping new channels.

Soft Skills: It mainly includes:

  • Creative: He should be capable of bringing new ideas and interpretations to issues and knows better ways to solve them and use power of well written words.
  • Resourcefulness: He must be capable of finding most accurate sources of data and make the most correct analysis.
  • Adaptability: He should be adapting to the emerging technologies and methodologies.
  • Leadership: He would be able to lead and inspire peers with his insights and new ideas, experiences and innovations.

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A bid Strategies from Google Ads and its Types

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Bidding is now new platform for generating lead and getting your work done with just clicks and all those fresher advertisers first onrush into bid automation through the one that are one of Google’s free bid strategies part of Google Ads Platform. There are varieties of names for bid strategies in the past for example, current name of Target CPA strategy previously termed as Conversion Optimizer. Bid strategies earlier called as Flexible bid strategies another example.

There are broadly seven strategies available currently, and four out of them are the subset under Google calls Smart Bidding. The other three are of less use to the advertisers and more with vanity goals; perhaps they are not that helpful in bidding.

Types of Bid Strategy

1. Vanity Bidding

a) Maximize Clicks

b) Target Location (on search page)

c) Target Outrank

2. Smart Bidding

a) Target CPA

b) Target ROAS

c) Enhanced CPC

d) Maximize Conversions

The above three vanity bid automations don’t operate in real-time but rather updates bids periodically. With the use of historical data bids are set t o what Google believes requires to achieve the desired outcome in simulations. Mentioned below are the types of bid strategy:-

Maximize clicks

Any advertiser that is brand focused will work on visits on their landing page and tracking the conversions is the key for standing a chance in competitive search. Due to some reasons advertisers cannot install the conversion but they can still let Google drive as many clicks as possible for advertiser budget. Good clicks are of no guarantee for the site but they are eyeballs to companies’ websites.

Target Search Page Location

It’s best the bid strategy to increase the visibility of companies’ ad ‘sand their position in the search results to get on the top of the first page by Target Search Page Location. For raising and lowering the bid, manually this platform can be used and staying at the recommended level as with the help of manual bidding and not letting the page levels to be lowered. Lists of merits through this strategy as it is automotive at the beginning and it can be more beneficial with the increasing exposure and accumulated data. Eventually things can be automated with the acquired data in the hand.

Target Outranking Share

One of the best bid strategy works automatically to raise or lower the bids to stay ahead of a competitor. Other ads will outrank when there are desired percentages of auctions where both advertisers are competing. With certain budget limits the results can also be limited so solely dependent on this bid strategy won’t be influential and beneficial both. This strategy is very helpful in getting highest rank but there are other also who are using same strategy but they are not at top just because the use of correct set of keywords that will outrank other company advertising at the same moment (using negative keywords).

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Principles of Flat UI Design

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The trend of flat web design has been emerging since few years and also gaining the popularity as well. The big contribution behind its popularity is of the large companies and organizations that have changed their design aesthetics to the flat design. There is a combination of bright colors and amazing typography which leads to the trend of unique flat designs.

Flat Design: It is a flattened interface design that has stripped any illustration of the third dimension. The elements can be made to appear as they are lying on the some flat surface. The concept of shadows, gradients and glow effects are the non-flat design friendly. It is the easy version of the interface but its detailing is difficult.

Key Principles of Flat Designs: Not all the designers are considering the basic design principles at the time of working with flat designs but we can add a great user experience by creating the flat design and following the below principles:

Minimalistic Design: It can stand accurately opposite to the skeuomorphic design due to the minimalistic visual appearance of the design. There is no use of animations in the flat design as well as attractive UI elements and 3D effects.

Simple User Interface: In this design, there are simple shapes available for the designers like rectangle, circle, square etc for the purpose of integrating the several UI elements. The designers are able to use any shape for the best UI pattern.

Color and Typography: There are vibrant and bold color patterns included in this design rather than gradients, drop shadows and many other efficient design elements as they are not supported by the flat design. In addition to this, color schemes are too bright in comparison to the colors in skeuomorphic design.

No Depth: The 2D flat design has a great contribution in the era of depth web design. There are no drop shadows, strokes and other strong UI elements due to which designers are able to this task. This design basically focuses on the simplification of images.

Visual Hierarchy: Due to the lack of shadows, there is a lack of distinction between the different elements on the page and it makes it difficult for the users to click the elements of their choice.

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Reasons Why People Leave Our Websites

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One of the most important parts of having a website is to attract more and more visitors and make them retain to our site. Once we have the visitors on our site, we will want to keep them around for a while instead of seeing them instantly leaving our site and going somewhere else.

If we want to retain more and more visitors to our site, then the task of increasing the page views and time on the site is really important and ignorance of these could cause visitors to leave. Here are some major reasons due to which people are leaving our site:

Inaccessibility: The task of accessing our site regularly is really important for the designers and developers. If a site is inaccessible to our users, it will make them leave the site no matter how great our site is. If they are not able to access the site, then they have no other any option besides leaving. We can create an accessible website through the different browsers, internet connections and different needs from users so that it could be attractive and effective.

Frustrating Navigation: If the visitors have the difficulty in navigation through the site to find their desired information, many of them will leave the site. In order to make things easier, navigation should be given more thoughts and attention in which pages are most important. In addition to this, navigation should be logical and intuitive. Big sites can use a sitemap in order to help visitors who want to use them.

External Links: Nowadays almost every website includes links to other websites and blogs are especially are full of external links. The each link has a purpose and they are really helpful in making our site more valuable and useful for the cloths. But the fact is that some visitors will leave because of these links and never return. This is not a bad thing for all the time but it is something that we should consider.

Advertisements: These are the main source of income for many of the websites as well as blogs but they cost the site some visitors. The only purpose for the advertiser who is paying to these banners or text link on our site is to achieve exposure and generate clicks.

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Why should my website be mobile optimized?

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As we know that almost all the people across world are using mobile device. According to a survey, there are mobile phones more in number as compared to the human population. It is not a secret that everybody is using the smart phone and businesses have started to think about mobile users so that every mobile user can avail there services from phone itself. Surely, we know that a responsive website makes mobile surfing easy and simple. We need to think about why mobile optimization is must for your business?

Here are some reasons that why mobile optimization is needed:

1) Everyone is using mobile: we are living in a world where mobile has become the first priority for everyone. Today around 1.2 billion of people access the web from mobile phones. Incredibly 80% of the internet users are mobile devices users and almost all access are made through a mobile device.

2) Around half of the traffic on internet is by mobile users: this proves that over half of the traffic on internet is via mobile device. So if want to attract more customer then you need to be thinking mobile.

3) Mobile customers are buying more: it is a fact that mobile users spend more time on their mobile phone as compared to desktop because mobile is a hand-held device and anybody can use it anytime. According to the survey most of the purchases are made through mobile phone because mobile is available almost all people.

4) Screen is switched by mobile users: many people have habit to switch screen while they are surfing on internet. 90% people switch their screen from desktop to mobile as surfing from mobile is easy.

5) Mobile landing page needs a different strategy: according to some sources, mobile landing page must include minimal design, 5-word headlines, fast page loading speed.

6) Google also favors responsiveness of mobile: now Google has also started favoring mobile friendliness in the SERPs ranking. Those pages which are not mobile friendly have to face loss from the Google.

7) Most of the social media reference is made through mobile: as an unresponsive website gives you negative ranking to your website so your website must be mobile optimized.

A mobile friendly website makes your website more available to users, as they can access it easily from their mobile device. And mobile users are more in numbers

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SEO in 2018

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Similar to all other technologies, the field of SEO is also evolving and if our business is not taking the advantages of using new SEO strategies on our websites as well as blogs and social media, then definitely we are missing out a lot in terms of ranking our business in internet searches.

SEO is one of the most effective ways in order to ensure our customer find our business and buy our products and services. It is the constantly evolving technique that needs a good understanding as well as knowledge of latest improvements in the ranking schemes. Here we are sharing some SEO trends or changes that are impacting their work this year:

Content and Links: There is no secret that link building and quality content are the most important factors in SEO. Link building basically a process of getting links from other websites and nowadays content plays an important role in this process. Not every type of content will provide us the back links.

SEO in 2018 focuses on creating quality, valuable content that is engaging numerous visitors and likely to be linked to. In addition to this, we must get our content in front of right people by distributing it through the right channels.

Rank Brain and User Experience Signals: Rank Brain is also one of the most important factors in SEO along with content and link building. It may be difficult to optimize for the Rank Brain but that does not mean it is impossible.

We should make it clear to search engines and users what our content is about and why it is created and make it consistent. We must go for fresh content and use a natural quality language. User experience also matters a lot as when users interact with our business or organization via website, application, it helps in SEO ranking.

Voice Search: The concept of voice search has gained the mileage as it is more convenient for the users in order to speak with an assistant than to type. Its results are also faster. There are very some god reasons to want voice search data.

Optimizing for the voice search requires slightly different tactics from those for traditional SEO. It could also help us with better experience for those searching by voice.

Video Marketing: It is the great tool in SEO marketing this year. Ranking in the Google’s first page is the top priority in SEO and if we have pages with video are more likely to rank on the first page of Google Search Engines.

Mobile First Index: Mobile version of our websites is the starting point for what Google include in their index. It our site does not have the mobile friendly version, the desktop site can still be included in the index but it impact negatively on our site’s ranking.

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Color Psychology Matters for Impactful Web Design

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There is no doubt in this fact that the color psychology is being used extensively in all the aspects of the design whether it is from the color used on day to day grocery items to brand logo or website design, color is most important element in conveying a specific message to users.

According to the experts, when we see any color, our eyes send a message to the region of brain known as hypothalamus. Then it sends further signals to the pituitary gland and then onto the thyroid glands. These signals release hormones that can cause fluctuations in our mood, emotion and also our behavior.

Each color means something to every person and it depends on our personal preferences and cultural backgrounds. Here are some points of color psychology in web design:

Red: This color can actually increase a person’s heart rate and also can cause to breath faster. It can be considered with excitement, love, energy and movement. Simultaneously, it also has some negative associations such as war, violence, fire and anger. It can be used for drawing attention of the users or to create excitement.

Yellow: It is considered as the brightest color and also associated with the competence, happiness, optimism and youth. It has some negative associations such as deceit and cheapness etc. We can use bright yellow color in order to energize people and for creating a sense of happiness.

Orange: It is considered as an energetic and vibrant color as well as often associated with fun, happiness, energy and ambition etc. it can also be used in order to communicate caution. If we draw attention to our call to action such as subscribe, buy, and sign up etc or other content, then we should make sure that people will notice it. It is good for ecommerce.

Green: It possesses a harmonizing and balancing effect as well as associated with the growth, health, nature, money and wealth etc. It is the easiest colour for our eyes to process. We can use it for creating the relaxing and calming effect as well as to represent new beginnings and nature. It is too efficient for science and medicine etc.

Blue: It is considered with competence, quality, calmness, dependability and wisdom etc. it can also be refreshing and energizing. It is being used by huge corporations and banks due to its non-invasive. It is also good for the health care as well as science and government.

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Evolution of Marketing Concepts

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Fundamentals of Modern marketing and marketing management are the base for the correct understanding of marketing concepts. The very course of actions is defined by the way of thinking and the walk of life that proceeds to doing.
How can we define concept? Concept is a philosophy, an idea, an attitude, a course of thinking and also an opinion relating to any aspect of divine and human creations. Marketing concept is the philosophy of an organization in the more vigorous kingdom of marketing. It’s an agenda of orientation or philosophy.

In short, marketing concept is referred to a process of life which includes all the resources of an organization are assembling to create, stimulate and satisfy the consumer at a profit. Marketing is mostly considered a physical process and also representing a distinct philosophy of business.

Organizations that prevails the concept of future orientation, customer orientation, value orientation and profit orientation with the applied modern management practices to all sales, distribution and other marketing functions.
The philosophy profoundly deals in management and organizational structure that aim on the desires of the consumers.

A great change has been observed after the Industrial Revolution that took place during the latter-half of the 18th and first-half of the 19th centuries. In the period of time gradual trace are recognised and categorised in four categories named – production-positioning, sales-orientation period and customer orientation period along with social orientation period.

There’s a brief difference between marketing and selling concept as in selling we have factory or a product that are focused on selling and promoting existing product where as marketing focuses on customer needs with integrated marketing and attaining customer satisfaction with profit.

With the increasing need of online marketing any marketing executive can apply with the IT companies who are dealing in website development, website designing, SEO and digital marketing which has great scope ahead as well as for future